Employability Skills Programme

Capitol Training Ltd’s Employability Skills Programme focuses on moving jobseekers into sustainable employment. We have delivered an extensive range of programmes funded by DWP and WEFO across South East and West Wales, to tailored to jobseekers of all abilities and backgrounds including lone parents, 18-24, 50+ and workless households. Training and support is provided in a variety of forums including 1-2-1, group and classroom settings.

Working with individuals to assessment their needs and goals to plan training and development routes specific to their requirements.

Training and Support for jobseekers includes:

  • CV Development

  • Skills Transfer Analysis

  • Digital Jobsearch

  • Universal Jobmatch

  • Preparing for Work

  • Communication Skills

  • Identifying Skills and Abilities

  • The Hidden Job Market

  • Supported Jobsearch

  • In Work Support

  • Confidence and Motivation

We work closely with jobseekers to help them to identify any barriers they face achieving their goals.  Experienced mentors and facilitators assist them to take action to overcome obstacles, including working with a wide range of specialist organisations and sourcing funding for training to improve employment options.

Capitol Training has a wide and varied network of local employers who support learners and jobseekers by providing work experience, training and employment.  In turn Capitol Training are able to support employers with their recruitment needs, identifying and supplying suitable applicant for their vacancies, providing support to existing and new staff to overcome issued faced at the start of new employment, assisting with a smooth transition into employment.